How do you interact with news? Do you read in the morning, or save it until right before bed? In my case, I apparently habitually read articles late into the night. I usually read things on medium, Wikipedia, The New York Times, and the Atlantic - thank god, Buzzfeed does not dominate this list. I also read about GamerGate, Data, Facebook, Students, Portland, and the Media. I store tons of articles about and links from Netflix, I store articles about Vermont, The BBC, the Michael Brown case, and Taylor Swift, but I don't read them. Most of my reading is under 2,000 words, and I'm about halfway through all the articles I have pocketed, which is about 860 right now. How about you?

Go check it out yourself! I have an app up online that you can use as of today to check your own history, and then show you neat stats about the history of your account - visit the infograph here and check out my git code here.